What is The National Collaborating Centres for Public Health (NCCPH)?

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The National Collaborating Centres for Public Health promote the use of scientific research and acquired experience to strengthen public health practices, programs, and policies in Canada.

Funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and located across the country, each of the six National Collaborating Centres has a specific public health focus: environmental health, Indigenous health, infectious diseases, methods and toolhealthy public policy, and determinants of health.

The NCCs synthesize and disseminate high-quality evidence and knowledge, foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, and support public health professionals, policymakers and decision-makers in using evidence-informed knowledge to improve health outcomes for Canadians.

NCCs build skills and capacity in the Canadian public health workforce. We fill knowledge and practice gaps and respond to public health needs related to the changing climate, built environment, emergency response, health equity and social determinants of health, infectious diseases, population mental health, Indigenous health, policy analysis, and healthy public policies.

The NCCs turn research and other information into knowledge products tailored to specific audiences, contextualized to their settings, and in both official languages. These include guidance documents, evidence reviews, and case studies.

We offer webinars, online courses, and organize national gatherings. We promote networking and collaboration across disciplines, sectors and jurisdictions.

We collaborate with partners and communities to identify emerging issues, move knowledge into action, and close the gap between research, policy, and practice, while integrating Indigenous perspectives into our work.

Responding to emerging issues with evidence, skills, and network development, the NCCs support Canada’s public health workforce to meet the challenges of today and of tomorrow.

Visit nccph.ca to download resources or to learn more about each NCC.