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The team at NCCEH regularly presents at environmental health events across Canada in addition to organizing workshops and meetings on various developing topics. A select listing of our presentations made at conferences and other meetings is available here.

Please contact us to find out if we can contribute to an upcoming event.

Evidence-Informed Decision-Making in Environmental Health


Evidence-Informed Decision-Making in Environmental HealthDonna Ciliska, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and ToolsChristina Chociolko, NCCEH
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Raising Chickens in City Backyards: The Public Health Role

Topics: Agriculture

Canadian Public Health Assocation Centennial Conference (2010)

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Public health interventions related to risks associated with exposure to local air pollution sources: control measures and health protection and public education approaches

Infiltration of air pollutants and effectiveness of cleaners

L'Institut national de santé publique (INSPQ) 8e Atelier de santé environnementale

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Bed Bugs and Public Health: A Re-emerging Scourge for the New Public Health

Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) 2010 Centennial Conference 

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Building a National Environmental Health Agenda


Inuit Environment and Health: One Issue under Climate ChangeOnalee Randell, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK)Prescription for a Healthy Canada: Towards a National Environmental Health Strategy David Boyd, Trudeau Scholar at the University of British Columbia (UBC)Environmental Sustainability and Impacts on Health: Building an AgendaRay Copes, NCCEH

Workshop Report

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Preventing Heat-Related Deaths: What We Know, What We Can Do

Topics: Climate Change

Health Canada - Heat Health Community Sharing Network Webinar

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Retrospective Investigation of Drinking Water-related Illnesses in Canada

Raw Milk: Clarifying the Debate and Moving Towards Healthier Public Policy

Intervention Strategies to Reduce Residential Pesticide Exposures

American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo '09

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Bridging the Evidence-Practice Divide: The Science and Policy of Bisphenol-A

Wind Turbines and Environmental Assessment

Western Medical Officers of Health Meeting June 2009; previous versions presented at Atlantic Medical Officers of Health Meeting May 2009 and CIPHI (NS/PE Branch) 2009 Annual Educational Session

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Warmer Day Mortality in Yellowknife and Whitehorse: Are There Already Demonstrable Climate Change Impacts?

Topics: Climate Change

International Union for Circumpolar Health (IUCH) 14th International Congress on Circumpolar Health

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Indoor Air Quality Issues in First Nations and Inuit Communities in Canada

International Union for Circumpolar Health (IUCH) 14th International Congress on Circumpolar Health

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Efficacy of some sanitizers or alternatives on food contact surfaces?

Specified Risk Material: Public Health Implications

Food Security 101: What is Food Security and What Does It Have To Do With Food Protection?

Power Lines and Health: The Evidence and Public Policy

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (New Brunswick Branch) 2009 Annual Educational Conference; previous version presented at American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo "09

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NCCPH Small Drinking Water Systems Project

Mould and Health Effects