Radon and Lung Cancer

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House of Commons Standing Committee on Health

On June 18, 2015, Dr. Tom Kosatsky, NCCEH Scientific Director, Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol, NCCEH Knowledge Translation Scientist, and Dr. Sarah Henderson, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control Senior Scientist were invited to present before the House of Commons' Standing Committee on Health, Ottawa. The Committee assembled a panel of experts with the intention of exploring questions related to radon and other causes (other than smoking) of lung cancer. Detailed minutes and transcript can be accessed through the Parliament of Canada website


  • Radon and Lung Cancer
    Anne-Marie Nicol, Knowledge Translation Scientist, NCCEH
  • Lung cancer, smoking (not), and radon: Public health policy for Canada
    Tom Kosatsky, Medical Director/Scientific Director, BCCDC/NCCEH
  • Radon risk areas and lung cancer mortality trends in British Columbia
    Sarah Henderson, Senior Scientist, BCCDC
Event Date Jun 18, 2015
Posted by NCCEH Jul 15, 2015