Public Health Ontario (PHO) - Grand Rounds: Municipalities and the Legalization of Cannabis

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The upcoming legalization of recreational cannabis will have implications for municipal governments, their communities and for public health. This session addresses topical issues related to anticipated recreational cannabis legalization from public health and municipal perspectives. From a municipal perspective, Craig Reid will discuss expected local impacts due to implementation, including policing and by-law enforcement.  He will further focus on short-term and long- term impacts of cannabis legalization and potential opportunities for community investments and benefits, for example, youth and community resilience to build a virtuous cycle.

Dr. Lawrence Loh will provide a public health perspective,  discussing a strong approach to inform the legalization and regulation of cannabis.  He will also address the potential impact of legalization on population health, as well as issues related to protecting public health and safety, protecting vulnerable citizens, and risk mitigation.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • List the roles of municipalities and public health in recreational cannabis legalization
  • Describe a strong public health approach to inform the legalization and regulation of cannabis
  • Identify the short and long term risks and opportunities for communities and their residents, including impact on population health
  • Discuss risk mitigation strategies, how to protect public health and safety, and how to protect the most vulnerable citizens
Event Date Apr 17, 2018 19:00
Posted by NCCEH Apr 06, 2018
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