NCCDH Webinar - Let’s Talk: Whiteness and health equity

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This event will take place in English.

Racialized health inequities are present for a wide range of health concerns. These inequities are rooted in structural racism and are a manifestation of Whiteness and White supremacy in public policies and institutional practices.

This session will turn the gaze on Whiteness as a systemic feature and driver of racial inequities. Lifting the veil on Whiteness challenges its “normalcy” in settler colonial states like Canada.

The webinar will be delivered in two parts.

Part 1: March 4, 2021

In part 1 we will discuss markers of Whiteness in health and in organizational settings. Furthermore, we will highlight the impact of Whiteness on health. The session will consider critical Whiteness approaches that are part of decolonizing, anti-racist practice.

We will discuss three broad roles and opportunities for public health to meaningfully address Whiteness:

  • Engaging in institutional change
  • Supporting community-driven action
  • Contributing to changes in public policy

Part 2: March 11, 2021

Part 2 will offer participants an opportunity to participate in group discussions on the material covered during the first session. Participation in Part 1 is required in order to participate in part 2.

Event Date Mar 04, 2021 10:00 to Mar 11, 2021 11:30
Posted by NCCEH Feb 18, 2021
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