Impact of Prolonged Shutdown on Buildings from a Water Quality Perspective

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new set of challenges to our society. To help slow down the spread of COVID-19, businesses, schools, universities, and other facilities were shut down or are sparsely used. Due to building closures, the water in pipes becomes stagnant and water quality will degrade over time. Water stagnation could cause a variety of water quality issues such as increased risk for regrowth of pathogens, dissipating disinfectant, and increased corrosion of plumbing components in the building systems. While our understanding of water quality impacts due to widespread, long-term building closures is still developing, this webcast will provide current information and recommendations on what water utilities, public health officials, and building owners should consider when buildings reopen.

Event Date May 28, 2020 22:00
Posted by NCCEH May 19, 2020
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