Building Healthier Communities

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Healthy community initiatives have been multiplying in forward-thinking communities all over the world. An international expert in the field, Dr. Karen Lee will guide learners on an exploration of how multi-sector partners and professionals working in health, planning, transportation, housing, economic development, and recreation, among others, are instrumental in creating health and wellbeing. Other co-beneficial outcomes for the environment, accessibility and local economy for our communities through such initiatives will also be discussed.

What you will learn:

  • Through lectures and group discussions, this half-day webinar will discuss built environment factors in our buildings, streets and neighbourhoods that influence key risk and protective factors for chronic diseases and mental health, today's leading causes of poor health, healthcare costs, provincial budget spending; these diseases are also key risk factors for severe outcomes from infectious diseases like COVID-19.
  • Learn about strategies for implementing policy and practice interventions for improving the built environment for health and wellbeing, especially key protective factors like active living, healthy food access and social connections; examine examples of cities that have successfully implemented healthy community interventions and achieved results.
  • Learn about the multiple co-benefits like economic, environmental, and accessibility benefits for municipalities that have been documented from creating a healthier community. Current work and resources for Alberta communities wanting to start or expand this work will also be shared.
Event Date May 06, 2021 12:00 to May 06, 2021 15:00
Posted by NCCEH Apr 22, 2021
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