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  • Mar 02 2021

    Cultural Adaptations Conference

    at 09:30 PST Topics: Location Type: Online

    This conference will share the results and tools of the Cultural Adaptations project, and explore wider knowledge and international experiences of how creativity can help us to adapt.  Showcasing unique, innovative and creative approaches to solving complex climate challenges, the event will present new ways of working collaboratively in adaptation. Interactive and practical sessions will focus…

  • Mar 03 2021

    2021 Air Quality and Health Virtual Workshop

    at 09:00 PST Topics: COVID-19, Outdoor Air Location Type:

    Our 18th Air Quality and Health (Virtual) Workshop will focus on the air quality and the COVID-19 pandemic.   People infected with COVID-19 experience a range in symptoms and severity of illness. In severe cases, infection can lead to hospitalization and death. Previous work provides evidence to suggest that exposure to air pollution increases susceptibility to respiratory viral infections and…

  • Mar 03 2021

    NCCMT Online Journal Club – Improve Your Critical Appraisal Skills!

    at 10:00 PST Topics: Location Type: Online

    Join us to learn about appraising rapid reviews! Rapid evidence reviews have emerged as a key form of evidence synthesis in the COVID-19 response, but they have limitations. Find out how to assess the quality of a rapid review, interpret its limitations and how to apply these to your evidence-informed decision making process. The session will take a small group discussion-based approach to…

  • Mar 04 2021

    NCCDH Webinar - Let’s Talk: Whiteness and health equity

    at 10:00 PST Topics: Equity Location Type: Online

    This event will take place in English. Racialized health inequities are present for a wide range of health concerns. These inequities are rooted in structural racism and are a manifestation of Whiteness and White supremacy in public policies and institutional practices. This session will turn the gaze on Whiteness as a systemic feature and driver of racial inequities. Lifting the veil on…

  • Mar 10 2021

    NCCDH Conversation 3: Policy windows: Advancing health equity through COVID-19 recovery

    at 12:00 EST Topics: COVID-19, Equity Location Type: Online

    The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted deeply entrenched social and structural inequities that impact the health and well-being of communities across Canada. As outlined in the annual report of the chief public health officer of Canada, pandemic preparedness, response and recovery actions need to prioritize health equity as a means to protect the people of Canada from the threat of future…

  • Mar 12 2021

    Mental Health & Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Implications, & Practices

    at 11:00 PST Topics: Climate Change Location Type: Online

    Join the Fraser Basin Council, the BC Climate and Health Network, and our panelists for an engaging discussion that will: FRAME & DISCUSS the psychological impacts of climate change on human mental health and well-being; EXPLORE examples of how some organizations and communities are working with the psychological dimensions of climate change in emergency response, adaptation and capacity…