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  • Oct 26 2020

    2020 UNC Water And Health Conference: Science, Policy And Practice

    at 08:00 Topics: Water Location Type: Online

    The UNC Water and Health Conference: Science, Policy and Practice will be held October 26 – 30, 2020 virtually from the comfort of your home or office. The conference will explore drinking water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water resources in both developing and developed countries with a strong public health/COVID-19 emphasis.

  • Oct 27 2020

    COVID-19 and the Geography of Vulnerability

    at 10:30 PDT Topics: COVID-19 Location Type:

    The year 2020 is illuminating important differences in the geography of vulnerability. People across the United States have had vastly different experiences of COVID-19 and the many societal stresses exacerbated by or directly resulting from the pandemic. Our understanding of the geographic spread of COVID-19 has largely been based on national-scale epidemiological models, while the place-based…

  • Oct 28 2020

    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Strategies for COVID-19

    at 11:00 PDT Topics: COVID-19, Indoor Air Location Type:

    What facility heating, ventilation, and air conditioning strategies are needed to prevent or mitigate the spread of COVID-19? Join the National Academies’ Federal Facilities Council on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, from 2:00-3:30 EDT for a webinar on Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Strategies in Response to COVID-19. This webinar will address guidance from the American Society of…

  • Oct 29 2020

    PHO Grand Rounds: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Public Health

    at 12:00 Topics: Location Type: Online

    Increases in the type, size and complexity of health-related data present new opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve public health. In this presentation we will provide a general introduction to AI and machine learning methods, and discuss challenges associated with their use in the public health context. Example applications will be reviewed, including the…

  • Nov 06 2020

    UBC SPPH OEH: Cumulative environmental, community and health impacts of multiple land-uses in British Columbia.

    at 12:30 PDT Topics: Location Type:

    Resource development is a principle driver of economic and community development across British Columbia, and new developments interact with past, present and future land-uses in ways that leave lasting legacies for ecosystems, communities and human health. This presentation uses a novel quantitative analysis of cumulative impacts based on the CalEnviroScreen method—a relativistic analysis tool…

  • Nov 10 2020

    Webinar - Health in All Policies in times of COVID-19: What role for the health sector moving forward?

    at 10:00 EDT Topics: COVID-19 Location Type:

    This webinar is the fourth in a series of five webinars on multisectoral collaboration in response to COVID-19, organized by the National Health Commission Office (NHCO) of Thailand. For this fourth webinar, the NHCO is partnering with the Global Network for Health in All Policies (GNHiAP). The ultimate objective of this webinar series is to seek answers on how to make multi-sectoral…

  • Nov 13 2020

    UBC SPPH OEH: Measuring SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater to supplement COVID surveillance in BC communities

    at 12:30 PDT Topics: COVID-19 Location Type:

    People infected with SARS-CoV-2 shed it via stool, and it can be detected in wastewater systems of municipalities with COVID outbreaks. We discuss whether this presents a risk to wastewater workers and how SARS-CoV-2 levels in wastewater can be used detect and monitor COVID outbreaks. David McVea Canadian Field Epidemiology Program Public Health Agency of Canada BC Centre for Disease Control…

  • Nov 27 2020

    UBC SPPH OEH: The burden of heat-related mortality attributable to recent climate change.

    at 12:30 PDT Topics: Location Type: Online

    The aim of this presentation is to present latest research conducted in Canada and across the globe on the human health impacts that have already occurred due to climate change. The presentation will focus on empirical data from 732 locations in 43 countries that estimated the mortality burdens associated with the additional heat exposure that has resulted from recent (1991-2018) warming. Eric…