Promoting health through safe drinking and recreational water, including small drinking water systems.

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Climate Atlas of Canada: A resource for environmental public health

Overview of the Climate Atlas of Canada Climate determines almost everything about how we live. With our climate changing, many systems that we rely on (ecological, economic, social) will be…
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Cooling Tower Registries and Building Water Management Plans: Strategies to combat Legionnaires’ Disease

There’s something in the aerosols Devices that aerosolize water can increase the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria through inhalation, leading to serious illness such as Legionnaires’ disease…
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Cyanobacteria - Tapping into the risks to drinking water

What do dog deaths in Fredericton, a State of Emergency in Salem, Oregon, and vacuuming lakes in Florida all have in common? All of these events over the past year have been triggered by microscopic…
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Guest Blog: Training and Support for Managing Drinking Water Systems in First Nations Communities in Ontario

As of September 2019, there were 56 long-term drinking water advisories (LTDWA) for public systems on First Nations reserves across Canada. These are either Boil Water advisories or Do Not Consume…
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Palytoxin: a potent but poorly understood marine toxin found on aquarium coral

Topics: Water
Palytoxin (PLTX) is a potent but poorly understood marine toxin that periodically attracts media attention when poisonings occur. Some recent incidents included: In August 2019, a family of five…
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Wading through the mire: Keeping up with new and changing Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines

Changes to Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines Over the past year there have been nine new consultations and announcement of eleven new or updated Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. Keeping up with…
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