Climate changes are expanding the areas where ticks can survive and thrive across Canada. The number of Canadians contracting tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis, is also increasing. 

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Climate Atlas of Canada: A resource for environmental public health

Overview of the Climate Atlas of Canada Climate determines almost everything about how we live. With our climate changing, many systems that we rely on (ecological, economic, social) will be…
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eTick Mobile App: Platform Expands to More Provinces

Topics: Ticks, Pest Control
As the days are getting longer and warmer, and as many provinces and territories across Canada are starting to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, many Canadians are expected to go enjoy our…
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eTick.ca: A public platform for image-based identification and population monitoring of ticks in Canada

Topics: Pest Control, Ticks
Lyme disease and the rapid geographical range expansion of tick species in Canada are important issues for public health. A new citizen science project called eTick.ca invites the public to…
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Rising concern of tick-borne diseases in Canada

The public health threat posed by tick populations in Canada is clearly increasing. Tick populations are expanding in terms of species types and their geographic range of spread. Researchers have…
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The expanding range of mosquito and tick vectors: Importance of robust vector surveillance in Ontario

Topics: Risk Analysis, Ticks
As persistent changes in weather patterns affect the spread of exotic arthropod vectors worldwide, Ontario has also seen the introduction of exotic mosquitoes and ticks. Based on Ontario’s mosquito…
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Tick Series: Ecology and How to Approach Tick Control

Topics: Ticks
During the Tick Series: Ecology and How to Approach Tick Control live webinar participants will learn about tick biology including tick development, what hosts are important for ticks, and where and…
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Zoonoses and Adaptation in a Changing World

Topics: Ticks, Zoonoses
This webinar will consist of two presentations: The emergence of human alveolar echinococcosis in AlbertaStan Houston MD DTM&H FRCPCProfessor of Medicine & Public HealthDirector, Northern…
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