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eTick Mobile App: Platform Expands to More Provinces

Topics: Ticks, Pest Control
As the days are getting longer and warmer, and as many provinces and territories across Canada are starting to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, many Canadians are expected to go enjoy our…
View Full Article A public platform for image-based identification and population monitoring of ticks in Canada

Topics: Pest Control, Ticks
Lyme disease and the rapid geographical range expansion of tick species in Canada are important issues for public health. A new citizen science project called invites the public to…
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From ship to shore: Sightings of Asian Giant Hornets in Canada’s west coast

Recent sightings of the Giant Asian Hornet- dubbed the murder hornet by some sources- have left many wondering whether these enormous, aggressive insects are a new insect of concern.   Their usual…
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Rising concern of tick-borne diseases in Canada

The public health threat posed by tick populations in Canada is clearly increasing. Tick populations are expanding in terms of species types and their geographic range of spread. Researchers have…
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The invasive European fire ant: Are they more than picnic pests?

Why do European fire ants matter for Canadians? The European fire ant is an emerging problem insect across Canada. Formally named Myrmica rubra, the European or ruby fire ant is a very small,…
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