Pest Control

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, elusive, and resilient insects that live by feeding on the blood of mammals, including humans. Bed bug infestations have become prominent worldwide, generating…
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Bed Bugs and Public Health: A Re-emerging Scourge for the New Public Health

Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) 2010 Centennial Conference 
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Bed Bugs and Public Health: New Approaches for an Old Scourge

The objective of this paper is to share four Canadian cities’ experiences with bed bug infestations and to explore public health roles in managing them. We summarize presentations from a workshop at…
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Bed bugs: What to do about unwanted houseguests

Beyond Zoonosis: The Mental Health Impacts of Rat Exposure of Inner-City Residents

This work was one of the 2018 Ron de Burger Student Award winners. Author: Raymond Lam, University of British Columbia – Master of Science in Occupational and Environmental HygieneIntroductionRats…
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Canadian Databases for Ticks and Mosquitoes

Topics: Pest Control
The NCCID and NCCEH have compiled a list of provincial and territorial mosquito and tick datasets including what information the databases contain and who to contact to access the data. This dataset…
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Controlling giant hogweed: the scope of a concerted regional intervention

Giant hogweed is an invasive alien plant that can severely burn the skin. The plant is not yet very prevalent in Bas-SaintLaurent, and intervention in the region to date has focused on eradicating it…
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eTick Mobile App: Platform Expands to More Provinces

Topics: Ticks, Pest Control
As the days are getting longer and warmer, and as many provinces and territories across Canada are starting to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, many Canadians are expected to go enjoy our…
View Full Article A public platform for image-based identification and population monitoring of ticks in Canada

Topics: Pest Control, Ticks
Lyme disease and the rapid geographical range expansion of tick species in Canada are important issues for public health. A new citizen science project called invites the public to…
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From ship to shore: Sightings of Asian Giant Hornets in Canada’s west coast

Recent sightings of the Giant Asian Hornet- dubbed the murder hornet by some sources- have left many wondering whether these enormous, aggressive insects are a new insect of concern.   Their usual…
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Intervention Strategies to Reduce Residential Pesticide Exposures

American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo '09
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March 2018 Environmental Health Research Scan

Full Scan The attached PDF version of the Research Scan has over 100 references and is broken into over 30 categories.Editor’s PicksAfter searching through the dozens of articles referenced in the…
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Nematodes for Pest Control

A provincial Health Ministry has been asked by the Ministry of the Environment to advise on the health risks associated with use of nematodes to control the cranberry girdler, an insect that has been…
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Northern Prairie Forests Regional Integrated Assessment: Vulnerability Assessment and Landscape Modeling

This presentation describes an integrated regional climate change assessment currently underway on a forested landscape in eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba. Partners include the forestry…
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Phosphine Poisoning as an Unintended Consequence of Bed Bug Treatment

Recent news on Canadian fatalities linked to the inappropriate use of phosphine for bed bug control underlines the need for public health practitioners to be aware of the issue.
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Prevention, identification, and treatment options for the management of bed bug infestations

In the past decade, bed bug infestations have been increasing worldwide. Historically, studies have failed to provide evidence for the transmission of human diseases through bed bugs, but recent…
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Public Health Roles with Regard to Bed Bug Management in Canada

Presentations:Toronto’s Response to Bed BugsRon de Burger & Tracy Leach, Toronto Public HealthCurrent Bed Bug TechnologiesTaz Stuart, TDTS ConsultingBed Bug Management: Preliminary Survey of…
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