Infectious Diseases

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Environmental public health professionals can support health equity in the time of COVID-19

The world has changed dramatically in recent weeks. COVID-19 has disrupted economies, social interactions, and how (or whether) we do our jobs. Environmental public health (EPH) professionals are…
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Make our communities healthier with better air quality during and post-pandemic: CANUE

The abrupt change in our lives brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is and will continue to affect us all deeply.  There are obvious changes of limited movement and social interaction with many…
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Physical Barriers for COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control in Commercial Settings

Maintaining a safe physical distance will be essential to virtually all social and economic activities carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are many instances or activities during…
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Rising concern of tick-borne diseases in Canada

The public health threat posed by tick populations in Canada is clearly increasing. Tick populations are expanding in terms of species types and their geographic range of spread. Researchers have…
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Slowing down the superbugs

World Antibiotic Awareness Week was held from November 12-18, 2018 to focus attention on the prevalence of infections that are difficult to treat because they are caused by pathogens that are…
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When hand washing is not handy: Cautions for hand sanitizer use

Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the most effective strategy for removing the COVID-19 virus from hands. In some situations, hand sanitizers can be used as a substitute if…
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