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2021 Air Quality and Health Virtual Workshop

Our 18th Air Quality and Health (Virtual) Workshop will focus on the air quality and the COVID-19 pandemic.   People infected with COVID-19 experience a range in symptoms and severity of illness.…
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COVID-19 and outdoor safety: Considerations for use of outdoor recreational spaces

[NOTE:a printer friendly version of this document is attached at the bottom] Introduction Outdoor recreational spaces make important contributions to social well-being as well as physical and…
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COVID-19 and Wildfire Smoke: A Potentially Bad Combination

Exposure to air pollution can irritate the lungs, cause inflammation, and alter immune function, making it more difficult to fight respiratory infections such as COVID-19. Wildfire smoke is a complex…
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Make our communities healthier with better air quality during and post-pandemic: CANUE

The abrupt change in our lives brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is and will continue to affect us all deeply.  There are obvious changes of limited movement and social interaction with many…
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Safety considerations for cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Over the past few months, there have been numerous reports of increasing numbers of people riding bicycles in many Canadian cities. There are also expectations that during the warmer months, cycling…
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Summer is coming: Wildfire smoke + COVID-19

It is meant as an ominous threat when characters in the popular Game of Thrones series utter “winter is coming”, and I feel the same way about the summer of 2020. The catastrophic wildfire seasons of…
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