Climate Change

Understanding and responding to the impacts of a changing climate on human health.

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Climate Atlas of Canada: A resource for environmental public health

Overview of the Climate Atlas of Canada Climate determines almost everything about how we live. With our climate changing, many systems that we rely on (ecological, economic, social) will be…
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Climate Changes Health Equity

During this webinar brought to you by APHA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you'll hear from speakers who are engaged with communities exploring strategies that address climate…
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Communicating the Risk of Infectious Diseases in a Changing Climate

A changing climate brings the threat of emerging, new infectious diseases and the resurgence of old infectious outbreaks. To ensure that public health professionals and policy makers receive timely…
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Health impacts of climate change and climate policy (WISE Lecture Series)

Climate change is one of the greatest global health challenges we currently face, but addressing it can be costly. This talk will assess the public health risks resulting from climate change's…
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March 2018 Environmental Health Research Scan

Full Scan The attached PDF version of the Research Scan has over 100 references and is broken into over 30 categories.Editor’s PicksAfter searching through the dozens of articles referenced in the…
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NCCDH Webinar - The health equity impacts of a changing climate Part 2: Communicating and change-making

This English-language webinar, presented in partnership with the Ontario Public Health Association, explores opportunities for public health staff to engage in a larger movement for a just and…
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NCCDH Webinar: The health equity impacts of a changing climate part 1: From assessment to action

Climate change is increasing risks to the health of Canadians, but not all populations and communities will be affected by climate change equally. Existing health inequities are exacerbated by…
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The health and social impacts of climate change

The health and social impacts of climate change are both worldwide and very regionalized. Therefore, we have to be prepared by understanding future regional climate, local capacities and…
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