Built Environment

Recognizing the health impacts of the natural and human-made surroundings in which we live, work, and play.

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An Introduction to Healthy Built Environments

Announcing the new NCCEH Healthy Built Environment Online Discussion Forum

In recent years, research evidence on the influence of healthy built environments (HBE) on human physical, mental, and social health has increased drastically. As a result, public health agencies and…
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Bed Bugs and Public Health: A Re-emerging Scourge for the New Public Health

Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) 2010 Centennial Conference 
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Bed bugs: What to do about unwanted houseguests

Bike sharing during COVID-19

Bicycle-sharing services (bike shares) allow individuals to use bicycles on membership or fee-per-trip bases and can be a convenient, inexpensive alternative to owning a bicycle. These services may…
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Bringing Health Back Into Planning: Overview of Canadian Tools and Cross-Sector Action

Presentations:IntroductionCatherine Elliott, BC Centre for Disease ControlHealth 201Alice Miro, Heart and Stroke Foundation of CanadaHealthy Built Environment InventoryErna van Balen, NCCEHCLASP…
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Built Environment: A multisectoral health issue

Foundations of Health and the Built Environment

From ship to shore: Sightings of Asian Giant Hornets in Canada’s west coast

Recent sightings of the Giant Asian Hornet- dubbed the murder hornet by some sources- have left many wondering whether these enormous, aggressive insects are a new insect of concern.   Their usual…
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Green space can reduce ADHD symptoms in children

In Canada, almost 4 out of 5 of us live in medium or large cities. Surrounded by buildings, concrete, traffic, noise, and pollution all day every day takes a toll on our physical and mental health,…
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Growing at Home: Health and Safety Concerns for Personal Cannabis Cultivation

This presentation is based on an NCCEH Evidence Review titled Growing at Home: Health and Safety Concerns for Personal Cannabis Cultivation, which you can access here. A two page factsheet was also…
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HBE Forum Webinar Recording - Healthy Social Environments: Social connectivity in neighbourhoods

Building on the success of the Healthy Built Environment Toolkit, BCCDC is developing a complimentary framework which focuses on supporting social connections and resiliency. This resource will offer…
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Health and Planning: Exploring Options for Rural Communities

Healthy Housing Environments: Public Health, Cooperative and Co-housing 101

Social isolation is an increasingly important issue in Canada which has been associated with negative health outcomes such as depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline among those with dementia. …
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Incorporating Health in Urban Planning: Quebec City Case Study

For over 50 years the importance of protecting health has been recognized in many areas of public policy. Concepts and approaches for actually including heath considerations in assessment processes,…
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Indoor environmental quality of sustainable building designs and occupant health

The NCCEH Environmental Health Seminar Series provides an opportunity for learning and knowledge exchange on a variety of environmental health topics. The seminars can be attended in-person or online…
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Integrating Indigenous Community Planning into a Healthy Built Environment

Canadian Public Health Association Public Health 2016In collaboration with NCCAH, this session included four presentations, each addressing different aspects of a holistic approach towards…
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Intervention Strategies to Reduce Residential Pesticide Exposures

American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo '09
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Introduction to Healthy Built Environment

AgendaPresentations:Overview of HBE and impacts on public healthLarry Frank, University of British ColumbiaHealthy Canada by Design: Case StudiesAlice Miro, CLASP NationalHelena Swinkels, Fraser…
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Inuit and Metis radon research across the country

Radon, an odorless, colourless, radioactive gas, is an established carcinogen and the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. Radon poses a health risk for indoor environments, particularly in…
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