Evidence Reviews

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Our evidence reviews are motivated by our ongoing assessment of knowledge translation needs and gaps in environmental health practice and policy. These documents uses a semi-systematic literature review process to capture and then synthesize the relevant academic and grey literature. The final product is internally and externally reviewed before publication.

Systematic Review of Environmental Burden of Disease in Canada

Residential Pesticides and Childhood Leukemia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Residential Air Cleaner Use to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Health: A Review of the Evidence

Impact of Home Preparation and Cooking Methods on Levels of Dioxin and Dioxin-Like Compounds in Foods

Potential Human Health Effects of Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs)

Tanning and Skin Cancer: A Brief Review

Disinfectants and Sanitizers for Use on Food Contact Surfaces - revised

Minimizing Children’s Non-residential Exposure to Traffic-related Pollution

Are Naturally Ventilated LEED Buildings Healthier?

Active Transportation in Urban Areas: Exploring Health Benefits and Risks

Does Eating Organic Food Reduce Pesticide Exposures and Health Risks?

Fact Sheets for Promoting Healthy Built Environments

Church/Community Suppers: What is the Evidence for Risk of Food-borne Illness?

Residential Use of Wood-Burning Appliances in Canada

Wind Turbines and Health - revised

Current Evidence on the Effectiveness of Interventions During Heat Episodes

Cellular/Mobile Phone Use and Intracranial Tumours

Residential Indoor Radon Testing

Safe Preparation and Storage of Aboriginal Traditional/Country Foods

Adverse Cardiovascular Health Effects of Exposure to Short-Term Air Pollution

How efficacious and how practical are personal health protection measures recommended to reduce morbidity and mortality during heat episodes?

Epidemiological Studies of the Relationship between Handheld Cellular Telephone Use and Brain Tumours: A review of the evidence

Retrospective Surveillance for Drinking Water-Related Illnesses in Canada

What is the Evidence on Applicability and Effectiveness of Public Health Interventions in Reducing Morbidity and Mortality during Heat Episodes?

Cardiovascular Effects of Sub-daily Levels of Ambient Fine Particles