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The team at NCCEH regularly presents at environmental health events across Canada, in addition to organizing workshops and meetings on various topics. A select listing of our conference presentations and external webinars, as well as presentations from our Environmental Health Seminar Series are available here.

Specified Risk Material: Public Health Implications

Food Security 101: What is Food Security and What Does It Have To Do With Food Protection?

Power Lines and Health: The Evidence and Public Policy

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (New Brunswick Branch) 2009 Annual Educational Conference; previous version presented at American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo "09

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NCCPH Small Drinking Water Systems Project

Mould and Health Effects

Heat-Related Mortality in BC: Surprising Numbers

Lead in School Drinking Water: Approaching a Public Health Issue from an Occupational Hygiene Perspective

Urban Agriculture: Issues for Public and Environmental Health

Factors that affect RF Exposure from Mobile Phones

Safe Drinking Water (2009)



Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water*Steve WallaceGround Water Wells - Construction, Maintenance, and TroubleshootingTwyla LegaultCross Connection Control and Backflow PreventionRoland TomuschatCost Effective Treatment of Small Ground Water Systems**Garry DrachenbergActive Surveillance - PHI’s Role with Drinking WaterNelson Fok


     *   AENV GWUDI Guideline     *   Provincial Water Wells (PDF 6.1 MB)     ** Treatment Technologies for Small Drinking Water Systems

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