Guidance Documents

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Our guidance reviews help environmental health professionals to contextualize evidence and identify relevant best practice recommendations, guidance, and tools in emerging subject areas. These documents summarize existing recommendations and guidelines from across multiple agencies and are produced via rapid reviews of academic and grey literature, expert consultation, and cooperation with external partners. These documents do not supersede provincial or federal guidance or regulations.

Evaluating the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Response Framework in Long-term Care Facilities: A Brief Guide

Using a Hierarchy of Evidence to Assess Chemical Health Risks of Artificial Turf

Guide for Implementing the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Response Framework in Long-term Care Facilities

Key resources for environmental public health practitioners to address health equity: A curated list

Toward health equity: Practical actions for Public Health Inspectors

Comparison of Guidelines and Regulatory Frameworks for Personal Services Establishments

Phosphine Poisoning as an Unintended Consequence of Bed Bug Treatment

NCCEH Mould Investigation Toolkit

Waxing Promising Practices Fact Sheet

Introduction to air quality advisories

Heat Advice

Understanding microbial indicators for drinking water assessment - revised

Built Environment Readiness Assessment

Prevention, identification, and treatment options for the management of bed bug infestations

Air Quality Assessment Tools: A Guide for Public Health Practitioners

Reducing Residential Indoor Exposure to Pesticides: a Toolkit for Practitioners

Mould Assessment Recommendations - revised

Mould Remediation Recommendations - revised

Recommendations for Safe Re-occupancy of Marijuana Grow Operations

Cleanup Instructions for Small Mercury Spills - revised