Transportation Plans

Transportation Plans

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Transportation Plans

In order to create a community built and social environment that is healthy community transportation plans to should be influence to encourage sustainable transportation. This includes all modes of transportation. I will be posting some ideas to consider when working with municipal governements to ensure all modes are considered. Does anyone have anything to share?

Hi Graham! Did you mean to include links or did you attach something as examples of how active transportation and walkability are incorporated into a transportation plan? Just checking if there's a bug that I'm not aware of. 

I was just playing around with ideas on how the forum could be used. I am updating those 'place holders' that I have created. I hope that this section would eventually be populated with info.

I'm currently working on a review of a "Bike Master Plan" for opportunities/areas that overlap or align with the promotion of healthy built environments and more sustainble modes of transportation in general. Recently the general public has been scrutinizing the plan for focusing too heavily on just cyclists. I'm wondering if others have had success in gaining public support for built environment changes around active/sustainable transportation and how that change mangement occured.

I'm a bit late to the game for a reply but thought I would mention the City of Saskatoon created an Active Transportation Plan which focuses primarily on walking and cycling

An advisory group is set up to connect with Administration re implementation. You are right that a purposeful focus on walking needs to be made and it is important to involve any community group(s) that have a walking focus (e.g. we have WalkingSaskatoon here) as well as Administration needs to be mindful when implementing the plan. They are working to create standardized practices with different parts (departments) of the city (asset perservation, capital projects, etc) so that whenever there is work being done, curb cuts are put in, sidewalks to be added, etc - so they do not have to be separate pieces of work and opportunities to expand/improve the sidewalk network are not missed.

Also interested in this change management process - have you had any successes over the past few months in bringing the public on board?

Hi there,

Check out Halifax's Integrated Mobility Plan for an example of a city transportation plan incorporating AT, transit, private vehicles, and commercial transport!