new report: "Mental Health and Well-being: Considerations for HBE"

new report: "Mental Health and Well-being: Considerations for HBE"

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new report: "Mental Health and Well-being: Considerations for HBE"

We are pleased to share a new report on Mental Health and Well-being: Considerations for the Built Environment. This report discusses mental health impacts related to local planning and design, and describes planning principles which can be used to facilitate positive mental health and well-being.

The Mental Health and Well-being report builds on the conceptual framework offered in the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit

  • The Neighbourhood Design section highlights ways density can support rather than undermine mental health and addresses the importance of safety and appropriate land use mix.
  • The Transportation Networks section emphasizes the value of minimizing noise and congestion to improve mental health.
  • The Natural Environments section speaks to well-kept green and blue spaces that are close to where people live, encourage involvement and physical activity, and are accessible to all.
  • The Food Systems section focuses on how community gardens and healthy food retail can support a wide range of mental health and social well-being outcomes.
  • The Housing section discusses how different styles of housing might affect mental health and well-being, stressing the importance of quality infrastructure and design.

This document was developed through collaboration between BC Children’s Hospital and BC Centre for Disease Control and in consultation with a group of expert advisors.  Mental health is an important consideration for community planning efforts to build thriving and resilient communities, and we hope this new resource will assist health professionals who are collaborating with local governments to support evidence based decision making.  

Dr Karen Rideout presented key findings from this report to the Healthy Built Environment Alliance on June 19th.  That presentation will be posted on the HBEA webpage in the next week or so. 

Feedback on this resource is welcome. For questions or comments please feel free to contact Charito Gailling, Project Manager, BCCDC at