Hi from Sue in Ontario

Hi from Sue in Ontario

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Hi from Sue in Ontario

Hi everyone,

I'm Sue Shikaze, and I work as a Health Promoter at the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit in central Ontario. We cover the City of Kawartha Lakes and the Counties of Haliburton and Northumberland. We're a largely rural area with small towns. I have been doing healthy built environment work in Haliburton County since I started at HKPR in 2005, with a focus primarily on active transportation. Earlier this year, I shifted to a new portfolio, to work on the new Healthy Environments program (outlined in the 2018 Ontario Public Health Standards), which includes healthy built and natural environments. A big focus of this program is also conducting a climate change health vulnerability and adaptation assessment for our district, and this is my main area of work right now. I continue to do some active transportation work in Haliburton as well.

I am also quite involved with the Ontario Public Health Association's Built Environment Workgroup, which does a lot of advocacy and capacity building for public health at a provincial level. One initiative we are working on is building public health knowledge regarding environmental assessments, and we have a webinar series underway. Webinar #2 is scheduled for Dec 11. Full details are available here


I'm already seeing lots of amazing expertise on this forum! Looking forward to learning and sharing!