Field Inquiries

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Our field inquiries address novel and emerging issues raised by practitioners. Because evidence on the subject may be scarce, each inquiry is subjected to a three-pronged approach: expert consultation to understand the context, rapid literature review to capture the existing evidence, and a review of existing guidance to understand the various potential approaches. We use a question-based approach to guide readers through the scenario and conclude with suggestions for mitigating the problem. These documents are internally reviewed before publication.

COVID-19 risks from handling the deceased

Outdoor Winter Dining during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Environmental Surface and Air Sampling in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Rapid Review of Disinfectant Chemical Exposures and Health Effects During COVID-19 Pandemic

High-humidity Environments and the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission

Crematoria emissions and air quality impacts

Odour from a Compost Facility

What are buzz buttons and what are the known risks associated with exposure to them?

Naturally Occurring Asbestos in an Outdoor Setting

Meat-packing Pads as Tattoo Dressings

Infection Control for Tebori Tattooing

Adverse effects after medical, commercial, or self-administered colon cleansing procedures

Cemetery Setback Distances to Prevent Surface Water Contamination

Irrigating Food Crops with Water Containing Cyanobacteria Blooms

Going Underground: Electrical Substations and Health

Case Study of a Persistent Landfill Fire and Community Health Impacts

Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning

Health Effects of Large LED Screens on Local Residents

Nematodes for Pest Control

Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) - revised