The health and social impacts of climate change

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The health and social impacts of climate change are both worldwide and very regionalized. Therefore, we have to be prepared by understanding future regional climate, local capacities and vulnerabilities and possible adaptation actions.
During his presentation, Dr. Pierre Gosselin, Environmental and Toxicology Division, Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) and Ouranos, will provide us an overview of the main risks and impacts in Canada and worldwide, along with illustrations of already implemented actions showing positive results.
Dr. Gosselin, will also speak about the numerous co-benefits of reducing greenhouse gases and the costs/benefits of prevention and adaptation actions will be discussed. He will also discuss how we prioritize and fund prevention and adaptation actions and communicate their necessity.
Event Date Jun 06, 2019 20:30
Posted by NCCEH Jun 04, 2019
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