Does climate modify the relationship between neighbourhood walkability and self-reported walking?

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Occupational and Environmental Health Seminar

The presentation will explore how neighbourhood walkability may influence physical activity levels and chronic disease risk. Examples will include Public Health Ontario’s research into the relationship between walkability and health. The presenter will also describe recent analyses of climate variables, such as temperature and precipitation, and how these may modify the relationship between walkability and physical activity. Methodological challenges encountered during this research will also be discussed.

Presenter: Justin Thielman

Justin Thielman is an Epidemiologist Lead in the department of Health Promotion, Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention at Public Health Ontario. He has been researching the relationship between the built environment and health for the past seven years. He is currently examining the role climate plays in the relationship between walkability and health.

Event Date Oct 26, 2018 19:30
Posted by NCCEH Oct 18, 2018
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