CIPHI Progressive Compliance Cycle

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Regular members of CIPHI are required to maintain their professional competency by earning 80 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) each year.  These hours must be submitted to CIPHI, with proof, through the Membership Service Center.  The Council of Professional Experience (CoPE) audits a random selection of regular members.  Members who do not submit the required 80 PDHs, or who do not submit eligible hours, begin the Progressive Compliance Cycle (PCC).  This seminar will explain the PCC and the consequences of failing an audit.  Attendees will also learn of the proposed changes to the Professional Development Model to better suit the needs of our members and provide simplicity of entry.
This presentation will highlight the Progressive Compliance Cycle and proposed changes to the Professional Development Model.
  • Requirements for maintaining membership in CIPHI; 
  • Consequences for failure in maintaining Professional Development Hours;
  • Process to reinstate membership in CIPHI;
  • Describe the 5 year rule.
Event Date Jan 08, 2020 20:00
Posted by NCCEH Dec 19, 2019
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