American Public Health Association (APHA) - Championing Transformative Change to Advance Health Equity

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During the fourth webinar of the "Advancing Health Equity in Local Health Departments" series, we’ll discuss:

  • What do we mean by “transformative change” and why this is essential to advancing health equity?
  • How Douglas County (Omaha) is building a supportive cohort of local health equity leaders.
  • How Minnesota is changing the narrative around health and confronting root causes of inequity.
  • How HIP and others are building a health equity movement and supporting innovation.
  • Resources to help your health department champion transformative change to advance health equity.

We recommend folks read the Alameda County and Kansas City case studies before the webinar.

Event Date Feb 15, 2018 18:00
Posted by NCCEH Jan 15, 2018
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