Systematic Review of Environmental Burden of Disease in Canada

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Few studies have estimated the environmental burden of disease (EBD) in Canada. Available data suggest that the total EBD for high-income, developed countries, like Canada, may range from as low as 1 – 5% to as high as 15 – 22%, depending on how EBD is calculated and defined. Potentially preventable illnesses and deaths resulting from exposure to environmental contaminants have been estimated to account for $3.6 to $9.1 billion in annual health care costs in Canada. Excluding lifestyle and occupational risk factors, the strongest evidence is for air pollution as a major contributor to EBD in Canada and elsewhere. To ensure the design of effective intervention strategies, future EBD studies in Canada should be conducted at provincial or local levels.

Publication Date Oct 25, 2010
Author Williams P, von Stackelberg K
Posted by NCCEH Jan 19, 2011