Infections Associated with Personal Service Establishments: Aesthetics

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Bacterial infections, particularly mycobacterium infections, are most commonly reported for aesthetic services while viral infections are less reported. No studies associating fungal infections with personal service establishments (PSE) services were found. Limited evidence is available for some infection risks services, including manicures, hair styling, and barbering. Studies related to pedicures, although few, do establish a clear link between mycobacterium infections of the lower legs and the use of re-circulating footbaths; shaving legs prior to a pedicure is an important risk factor for infection. Waxing has been implicated in bacterial infection outbreaks due to poor infection control practices. The majority of studies identified were case reports, which provide limited information on the transmission pathways of infection and do not allow for assessment of the PSE-related burden of illness.

Journal article

Publication Date Dec 17, 2011
Author Barn P, Chen T
Posted by NCCEH Feb 17, 2012