Environmental Health Surveillance Workshop

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  • Introduction
    Tom Kosatsky, BCCDC
  • Environmental Health Surveillance in Canada Now
    Eric Lavigne, PHAC
  • National Environmental Public Health Tracking: Environmental Health Surveillance in the U.S.
    Heather Strosnider, US CDC
  • Environmental Public Health Tracking In New York State
    Neil Muscatiello, New York State Department of Health
  • Environmental Public Health Surveillance in England
    Mike Studden, England Health Protection Agency
  • The Uses of Surveillance in Environmental Health: The Case of Transportation
    Louis Drouin, Montreal Public Health Department
  • Uses of Surveillance: To Follow the Effects of Development
    James Irvine, Northern Saskatchewan Population Health Unit
  • Environmental health surveillance to assess intervention adequacy: case studies from the BCCDC
    Sarah Henderson, BCCDC
  • The Alberta Biomonitoring Program
    Jennifer Graydon, University of Alberta
  • Environmental Health Surveillance in Quebec
    Germain Lebel, INSPQ
  • The Canadian Total Diet Study
    Robin Churchill, Health Canada
  • Health Canada’s Biomonitoring Approach
    Douglas Haines, Health Canada
  • Environmental Health Surveillance – A Continuing Discussion
    Douglas Haines, Health Canada
  • Poison Control Centres
    Monica Durigon, BCCDC
    Joanne Stares, BCCDC
  • Syndromic Surveillance
    David Buckeridge, McGill University
  • Surveillance of Environmental and Occupational Exposures for Cancer Prevention
    Anne-Marie Nicol, CAREX Canada
  • Digging Deeper: Developing a National Integrated Enteric Disease Surveillance Program for Canada
    Barbara Marshall, PHAC
  • BCCDC Informatics Activities
    Michael Coss, BCCDC
  • "Environmental" Surveillance for Zoonoses
    Nick Ogden, PHAC
  • Chronic Disease Surveillance in Canada
    Bernard Choi, PHAC
  • A Brief on Drinking Water Advisories Surveillance
    Tim Beattie, Health Canada
  • Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence
    Tim Beattie, Health Canada
Event Date Feb 24, 2013
Location Type local_event