Community Wellbeing Framework

Community Wellbeing Framework

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Community Wellbeing Framework

The Wellbeing Framework is intended for design professionals and demonstrates the link between design and wellbeing through research based evidence. Click the link above for the full report.

The downloadable report shares the Community Wellbeing Framework: a methodology to help design professionals understand the impact of their work on community wellbeing. Indicators and corresponding metrics for the Social, Environmental, Economic, Cultural and Political domains provide a guide to examine how design features can contribute to community wellbeing and facilitate decision-making around design options.

Thanks Charito for sharing this. I am wondering how this intersects/aligns with the Community Index of Wellbeing? That isn’t a framework per se but rather a set of domains and indicators. Any thoughts?

hi Cora - that's a great resource to know about, thanks for sharing!  I am not familiar enough with the Community Index to know how it aligns but wonder if you might be intrested in calling in to the spring BC Healthy Built Environment Alliance speakers series - we will be hearing from Antonio Gomez-Palacio from Dialoge who will be sharing more info about the Community Wellbeing Framework.  The speakers series is open to anyone - let me know if you're interested and i'll send you the details for how to call in.  Scheduled for March 6th 2019.

That would be great Charito, thanks for letting me know about the opportunity!