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Cora Janzen

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Cora Janzen

Happy to be here and to meet everyone! My name is Cora Janzen and I work in the Health Promotion Department in Population and Public Health for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. My geographic area of focus is Saskatoon and surrounding area. We have recently amalgamated 13 regional health authorities into one Provincial Health Authority so I am still figuring out how to describe where I work :) In my department, we focus on Population Health Promotion and reducing health inequities observed in our populations and focus on the levers of healthy public policy, creating supportive environments and supporting community action. My work involves the Healthy Built Environment area and I am the lead for our Healthy Transportation Networks and Healthy Neighbourhood Design pillars of our framework (the framework also includes housing and food systems) and our goal is helping create healthy, equitable built environments that contribute to improved population health. <INSERT PLUG: We modeled our framework after BC's Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit which is a fantastic resource!> I work closely with the municipality as well as community groups to advocate, provide public health context, align data sources, knowledge, tools and more. We have also done a health equity impact assessment of the City of Saskatoon's Growth Plan as well as various other evidence reviews for policy recommendations for the municipality.

I am so happy to be here and learn from you all, your learnings and expertise. I am excited to find out about the rich work happening across the country and how I can translate that here for our context. 

Hello Cora,

We talked briefly at the Walk21 conference here in Calgary. It would be great to touch base again to see how things have changed for you since we talked last! I am curious how the transition to a provincial model is going for SK. Perhaps we can compare notes. I have started working with Public Health Inspectors who are using the Linkages Toolkit and I am able to link them to local health promotion champions in communities while applying systems theory, taking a community enagement approach, through a population health approach, while applying the health promotion model. I have to stay at a higher level at the socioecological model while encouraing local champions to apply their skill set in an area that makes sense to them. Health equity is a big component to Alberta Health Services right now too. Health Impact Assessments are of interest to local municipalities. I hope we can set aside some time to chat!


Absolutely Graham, it would be great to reconnect. Things are slow with the amalgamation but the Ministry of Health released 2 priority areas for action for Population Health Promotion (which the Health Authority has accountabilities to report progress on) and one of them is healthy social and physical environments. I was very pumped when I saw that!  Some of our work around embedding health equity in built environments is just out in the CJPH journal and I am happy to chat, compare notes and glean ideas from your work! Drop me an email or phone call (; 306-655-4696). Looking forward to talking to you!