Environmental Health and Knowledge Translation Scientist

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Anne-Marie Nicol, MES, PhD

Anne-Marie began her academic career in the social sciences at SFU (Communications BA) and then developed a strong interest in environmental and occupational health during her Master’s degree at York University (MES). She completed her PhD in Epidemiology at UBC where she currently teaches Risk Assessment and Toxicology in the School of Population and Public Health. Her areas of research span the diverse subjects of human health risk assessment, environmental health and knowledge translation. In particular, she investigates how to improve the communication methods that are used to describe population level exposures to cancer-causing substances, specifically using techniques such as geographic information systems (GIS) and data visualization. Anne-Marie has also produced a number of short videos to promote awareness of environmental hazards such as pesticides (Wash with Care) and tick-borne diseases (the Tick Talk). At the NCCEH, she is excited to be working with like-minded people in the areas of risk assessment and risk communication.

Recent Publications:

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