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We offer a directory of upcoming conferences, courses and other continuing education opportunities related to environmental health practice and policy. We also welcome input regarding any upcoming events of relevance to the environmental health community not listed here.

Events are described in their applicable language(s).

  • May 29 2019

    Webinar: Health Emergency Management BC: Season Readiness for Wildfire Smoke

    at 10:00 PST Topics: Forest Fires, Outdoor Air Location Type: Online

    Wildfire smoke causes episodes of the worst air quality that most people in British Columbia (BC) will ever experience. Research from BC and around the world has shown that wildfire smoke exposure is associated with large increases in respiratory health risk, and somewhat smaller increases in cardiovascular and mortality risk. With the record-breaking seasons of 2017 and 2018 behind us, we are...

  • Jun 04 2019

    Listeriosis in Ontario

    at 12:00 EST Topics: Biological Agents, Food Location Type: Online

    In 2008, Ontario experienced the largest listeriosis outbreak ever recorded in the province. Since then, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Public Health Ontario and local public health units have been collaborating with the Public Health Agency of Canada to conduct enhanced surveillance for this disease. Surveillance of enteric diseases is one of the core mandates of Public Health...

  • Jun 12 2019

    Calls to the British Columbia Drug and Poison Information Centre on the Cusp of Cannabis Legalization

    at 12:00 PST Topics: Cannabis Location Type: Online

    Poison centres in US States where cannabis was legalized or decriminalized reported an increase in calls about cannabis exposures compared to poison centres in states where cannabis remained illegal during both the lead up to and just after legalization/decriminalization. We queried whether similar increases occurred in BC. The BC Drug and Poison Information Centre (DPIC) received almost triple...

  • Jun 27 2019

    A cross-Canada scan of clean energy policies

    at 10:00 PST Topics: Indigenous Environmental Health, Outdoor Air Location Type: Online

    Remote Indigenous communities in Canada overwhelmingly rely on diesel fuel for heating and electricity generation. Clean energy projects in these communities are more likely to succeed with strong and coordinated support from governments, utilities, regulators, and industry. The Pembina Institute presents a webinar on the current policy context for remote community-led clean energy projects in...

  • Jul 17 2019

    Webinar: Living health equity values within public health organizations

    at 14:00 EST Topics: Equity Location Type: Online

    Personal and societal values guide organizational work on the social determinants of health and health equity. This webinar will review the organizational values that reflect an equity orientation. It will explore how organizations can successfully shift their values to more closely align with those supportive of health equity action. Shifting organizational culture depends on a close alignment...